Workcircle largest audited jobs aggregator in UK

Top UK jobs aggregator Workcircle celebrates its recent NORAS results, and audits at over 870,000 unique users.

Workcircle's NORAS results confirm Workcircle's significant reach across all industry sectors. The accompanying ABCe audit certified that Workcircle receives over 879,318 unique users a month - making it the 3rd largest job site participating in the latest NORAS, and the largest aggregator ever surveyed.

Workcircle also ranked highest for the percentage of candidates actively looking for a job, and one of the lowest for candidates not planning on changing jobs.

NORAS is the National Online Recruitment Audience Survey (NORAS) and is the largest piece of online recruitment research in Europe. NORAS provides objective, independent information on the audiences of online recruitment job sites.

Workcircle CEO, Simon Appleton comments, "The aggregator industry is plagued by misrepresentation and puff, so we've chosen to be surveyed by NORAS and ABCe, both authoritative independent third parties. We're very pleased with our NORAS results, and the ABCe audit shows excellent growth on our previous figures six months ago. The percentage of active candidates is a great reflection of the quality of candidate we attract and drive to our customers."

In addition to Workcircle's overall traffic figures, NORAS showed that Workcircle was in the top three for reach in many industry sectors, including Engineering, Hospitality and Catering, Design, Retail and Telecoms.

Appleton says, "Candidates in all sectors are increasingly using Workcircle to find the job for them, making us one of the best sources of quality candidates in the UK. And what NORAS can't show is that we're also one of the most cost-effective."


Workcircle goes global, launches seven new sites

Top UK jobs aggregator Workcircle expands internationally with sites in the US, India, China, Hongkong, Australia, The Gulf and Dubai.

The seven new international sites follow Workcircle's launch of 11 job sector sites last month. The sites help both local jobseekers and UK job seekers looking for work abroad.

Workcircle's UK site, is the leading UK jobs aggregator, recently audited at 876,000 unique users a month, and carries up to 800,000 vacancies at any time. The new expansion sees sites launched in the US, India, China, Hongkong, Australia, The Gulf and Dubai. Workcircle intends to use their highly successful pay per click model which enables advertisers to pay by performance in these new regions.

Workcircle CEO Simon Appleton says, "We've proven our model in the UK market, and are now reaching out to English-speaking areas worldwide. It's an exciting opportunity, especially proving our value in the US".

The new sites are:

As part of the Workcircle network, the sites carry all the relevant jobs from Workcircle's extensive database of current jobs, and job advertisers automatically have their jobs distributed across Workcircle's extended network.

The sites benefit from Workcircle's proprietary Massive Traffic Driving (MTD) systems, which dynamically manage huge online PPC marketing campaigns across the major search engines to attract jobseekers to the right jobs.


Online Recruitment job aggregator, Workcircle launches 11 new sector sites in UK

Leading jobs aggregator Workcircle has launched 11 new sector job sites in the UK under their ’ABC’ brand.

This represents Workcircle’s most aggressive expansion yet. Workcircle CEO Simon Appleton says, "Now more than ever, jobseekers are looking for the best way to find a job quickly, and job advertisers are looking for the most cost-effective way to attract the right candidates. Workcircle addresses both these needs, and we’re building on the massive success of our generalist UK site to launch our first wave of new niche sites".

The sector sites, launched under Workcircle’s sister 'ABC' brand include:

As part of the Workcircle network, the sites carry all the relevant jobs from Workcircle’s extensive database of current jobs, plus additional sponsored jobs specifically for that sector. Job advertisers will automatically have their jobs distributed across Workcircle’s extended network.

The sites benefit from Workcircle’s proprietary Massive Traffic Driving (MTD) systems, which dynamically manage huge online PPC marketing campaigns across the major search engines to attract jobseekers to the right jobs.

Appleton says, "Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a glut of candidates out there. Instead, people are sitting tight in their jobs - meaning it’s as challenging as ever to reach the right jobseekers. Workcircle’s niche sites give advertisers another highly cost-effective channel to attract qualified candidates quickly".


Workcircle nominated for 'Website of the year'

Here at Workcircle we're proud to have been nominated for 'Website of the year'. The UK public get to vote for their favourite websites and rate their quality. Please vote for Workcircle by clicking on the banner below. It only takes a few seconds to do and you could win a prize for doing so.


Latest audit underlines Workcircle's market lead

Vertical search engine Workcircle has underlined its position as the leading jobs aggregator in the UK with an ABCe audit of its May traffic. ABCe confirmed Workcircle was visited by 839,126 unique users in May 2008.

Workcircle is a vertical search engine, or aggregator, giving jobseekers an easy way to search across multiple job boards, agencies and employers from one site. Workcircle lists around 700,000 live vacancies at any time, making it one of the largest resources for jobseekers in the UK.

For advertisers, Workcircle's pay per click (PPC) service provides the most cost-effective way to attract highly targeted candidates direct to the relevant jobs on their site. Workcircle's proprietary Massive Traffic Driving systems manage extensive dynamic campaigns across all the major search engines to ensure Workcircle can deliver both quality and volume of candidates.

Workcircle has championed a professional approach to aggregation, distancing itself from the no-value-add 'scrapers' that form the bulk of the industry. All Workcircle's job listings are opt in, listed by advertisers who want to have their jobs listed on Workcircle.

"Workcircle's growth over the last year and a half has been exceptional", says CEO Simon Appleton, "and getting ABCe certification of our traffic has been an important step."

Richard Foan, Managing Director of ABCe comments, "It is highly encouraging that Workcircle is delivering both comparability and transparency by committing to having its site traffic figures independently verified to industry agreed standards. ABCe audited figures continue to provide the online media industry with an important tool to support media buyers and advertisers in their buying decisions, and for the market as a whole to demonstrate accountability of spend online."

Workcircle was formed by industry veterans Simon Appleton and Tony Jewell who have a long history of introducing disruptive services into the recruitment landscape.

For further information contact:
Simon Appleton
CEO, Workcircle Ltd


Workcircle Launches U.S. Job Site, Zamzim

UK job search engine Workcircle has launched a new jobs aggregator, Zamzim, in the USA.

Workcircle's new site, Zamzim, lists jobs from across the USA, and is powered by Workcircle's aggregation and Massive Traffic Driving engines. The site is the first of many international job sites according to Workcircle CEO, Simon Appleton, "The US is an obvious first step, as it's a huge market. Our technology lets us launch new sites very quickly, and we'll be rolling out sites worldwide soon."

The key to Workcircle's UK success, and the reason it can launch sites so rapidly is the Massive Traffic Driving technology that Workcircle has developed. "Simply put, it lets us drive massive PPC campaigns across the big search engines directly out of our database", says Appleton. "It means we attract the right jobseekers to jobs that we have in our database right now, and very cost-effectively". This cost-effectiveness means Workcircle is profitable, and each new launch is profitable from day one, according to Appleton.

Like Workcircle, Zamzim takes jobs as RSS or XML feeds from advertisers, and creates a huge searchable database of live jobs. Workcircle is one of the largest job sites in the UK, listing over 600,000 current vacancies. Appleton expects Zamzim to overtake that number very soon.


Workcircle biggest UK jobs RSS aggregator

UK job search engine Workcircle is now the largest RSS job source in the UK.

Workcircle, a vertical search engine for jobs, lists hundreds of thousands of jobs across the UK from job boards, agencies and employers. As well as searching for their dream job at the Workcircle site, jobseekers can choose to receive custom job feeds by RSS or email.

Workcircle CEO, Simon Appleton, says, "RSS is a great way to get info pushed to you, and it's ideal for getting the latest new jobs that suit you". At Workcircle, jobseekers can get the results of any search as an RSS feed. "It doesn't matter whether you want to receive jobs that match 'sales' or 'junior retail assistant in rotherham'", says Appleton, "We can create a totally custom feed of jobs just for you".

As well as RSS, Workcircle can provide custom email alerts for new jobs. "Getting to know about new jobs quickly can be critical, especially in fast-moving areas like temporary or contract work", says Appleton, "Workcircle is committed to getting those jobs to jobseekers by any medium, whether it's email, text, IM, Twitter - we will support it all".

Appleton recommends Google Reader as a good way to read RSS feeds, and admits to spending far too much time using it.


Workcircle Launches Global Job Distribution Network, Reaches Passive Job Seekers

Workcircle, the UK pay per click job search engine, launched its widget-based jobs distribution network today. The network enables blog and site owners to display relevant jobs indexed by Workcircle in a panel on their sites. This helps job advertisers to reach the elusive 'passive candidate' by placing jobs with specialist blogs and sites that are relevant to candidates.

Simon Appleton, CEO of Workcircle, said, "Our new system gets jobs in front of people who may never visit a job site or agency. These are the true passive candidates - the people who haven't got a CV uploaded, don't search for jobs, but could be the perfect hire. Workcircle now gives recruiters a way to get their message in front of these communities."

For blog owners and site publishers, the service offers a way to earn revenue from their traffic by displaying some of Workcircle's inventory of over 300,000 live vacancies. The site owner signs up for the scheme on Workcircle's site, and adds the widget to their own site with a few lines of code. Once live, Workcircle shares its clickthrough revenue with participating sites.

Workcircle has integrated with the top blogging services, including Typepad, Wordpress and Blogger to make the process as simple as possible for blog owners.

Technology critic Bill Thompson was one of the first to run the jobs widget on his popular blog. "It took me all of 20 seconds to sign up for the service and start displaying jobs on my blog," he said. "Services like Workcircle's widget make it viable for micro-publishing to exist - giving blog owners a way to make money while providing a useful service to their readers."

Jobs listed on Workcircle are distributed through the network for no additional fee to advertisers. According to Appleton, Workcircle may introduce optional highly targeted advertising opportunities through the network in the future.

For further information visit, or contact Simon Appleton at


Former Europe CEO Joins Board of Workcircle

Adrian Cox, ex-CEO of Europe, has joined the board of Workcircle Ltd, the UK-based job search engine.

Adrian brings extensive experience in online search and marketing. Adrian was a founder member of the Ask Jeeves launch team 2000 initially as Vice President of Marketing and CEO Europe from 2001 to 2006. He joins Workcircle as a non-executive director from mid-February.

Simon Appleton, CEO of Workcircle, has welcomed Adrian's appointment: "There are very few top executives with Adrian's operational experience of the European search marketplace. His appointment comes at a critical time in Workcircle's expansion and extends our contacts in the UK and Europe".

Workcircle is a leading job search engine in the UK, listing over 200,000 jobs across the country. It delivers active, highly targeted jobseekers direct to specific jobs on its customers own sites, maximising each advertiser's investment online. Workcircle works on a performance-based pay per click model, only charging customers for jobseekers who've chosen to visit their site.

Adrian is also an investor in Workcircle, alongside other well-known business angels and DC Thomson Co, the Scottish media group.

Adrian is excited by the new challenge: " gave me a unique perspective on the search industry, and I believe vertical search is the next big thing for online recruitment. Workcircle is going to lead the market in the UK, and I'm looking forward to helping them get there, fast".


Excite UK Partners with Workcircle to Launch New UK Job Site

Taking the hard search away from finding a new job, Excite UK has partnered with Workcircle to launch its brand new personalised job search engine. The new service gives users easy access to over 200,000 UK jobs on the Workcircle pay per click network and enables them to receive the latest announcements immediately via RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Excite UK has partnered with Workcircle to launch its brand new personalised job search engine. The new channel uses Workcircle's technology to provide a custom vertical job search engine for Excite UK, integrated into its existing site, hosted and managed by Workcircle.

Bernhard Berger, Business Development Manager, Excite UK, says, "Excite is a stylishly designed portal with a host of relevant, useful content and services. A slick, simple service to assist jobseekers is a perfect match for us and Workcircle made it easy and very quick to launch the new channel. Users will be delighted with the new service and can start benefiting from access to the latest jobs for 2007 immediately."

The site has all the features expected from a top-notch job site, plus additional integration with Excite MIX, the user-friendly personalised start page. An RSS feed is available for each personalised job spec when users search, enabling jobseekers to receive the latest advertised positions as they're announced. The RSS feed can be added straight to a user's Excite MIX page with one click on the Excite MIX button.

Workcircle CEO Simon Appleton says, "Partnering with high-profile brands to help them generate revenue from job sites is a key part of our strategy. Excite was an obvious first partner, with an existing under-utilised jobs section, and a team keen to provide the very best services to their users."

Excite UK: is a classic among UK portals, providing its audience with Internet tools, news and entertainment since 1997. It combines the experience of an Internet pioneer with the strength of a globally acknowledged brand which is now part of IAC Search   Media, a wholly-owned business of IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IACI) Excite UK is part of a European network, active in countries including Italy, Germany, France and Spain, which attracts over 5 million unique users every month.

Workcircle is a leading UK vertical job search engine, listing over 200,000 current jobs from job boards, agencies and employers. Workcircle makes it easy for jobseekers to follow multiple job boards and find the job that suits them, fast. Jobseekers can set up alerts by email or RSS to let them know as soon as their dream job is listed on Workcircle. Workcircle is a privately held UK company, launched by industry veterans Simon Appleton and Tony Jewell in late 2006.


Workcircle: the Fastest-Growing UK Job Search Engine?

UK job site Workcircle has indexed over 100,000 live jobs from job boards across the country in its first week of operation.

Workcircle may just have become the fastest-growing UK job site. In its first week of operation, Workcircle has indexed 100,000 live jobs from job boards across the country.

Workcircle’s CEO, Simon Appleton, says, "We hadn't anticipated growing quite this quickly, but the site has scaled beautifully. All the jobs are live positions - ours isn't an archive of out-of-date jobs."

Workcircle gives job seekers an easy way to search across numerous job boards to find the perfect job. "All our jobs are listed with the original job board's permission", stresses Appleton. "The job boards benefit because we send them highly-targeted traffic - candidates who've chosen to look at the job. And we send that traffic at a great price per click."

Workcircle's customer list includes both big-name job boards and niche sites. "Workcircle is perfect for both types of job board", says Appleton. "Large boards suffer from decreasing returns buying traffic; Workcircle gives them a well-priced boost of extra traffic. Smaller boards can buy targeted traffic far cheaper with us than on the big generalist search engines."


Managers most likely to take a sickie to watch England play

UK job site, Workcircle ran a survey this week asking how likely jobseekers are to take a sick day to watch an England World Cup match.

World cup surveyThe results show the deep divide between workers and management, just 14% of Engineers surveyed will take a sickie to watch a match, but a shocking 93% of managers will.

And it gets worse the higher you get – all CEOs and CTOs surveyed will take a day off.

As far as the developers go, Java programmers are the most patriotic – 86% would call in sick to watch a match, compared to 14% of hard-working SQL developers.

So when the boss is in an unexplained long meeting during the World Cup, check if there’s an England match on!

For information contact Workcircle at or visit

Editors Note
For further information contact Simon Appleton at

Workcircle Announces DC Thomson Investment

DC Thomson   Co makes investment in hot UK online recruitment startup, Workcircle.

Web development jobsite Workcircle announces a strategic investment by DC Thomson Co Ltd, the Dundee publishing group.

DC Thomson's jobsite investment will enable the UK job search engine to expand its suite of recruiter services. Workcircle has already announced an extension to its free trial for UK recruitment agencies, giving them unlimited job posting and CV searching through the summer.

"We're very happy to be partnering with a forward-thinking company like DC Thomson", said Simon Appleton, CEO of Workcircle, "This investment will enable us to accelerate our growth across all sectors and develop new services for both jobseekers and recruiters".

Workcircle's underlying technology is a unique tag-based classifieds search engine that can power many sites across multiple sectors. "Recruitment is what we've done before", says Appleton, "but we're looking at other classified sectors where our technology can make a difference. There are few businesses doing it right in any sector".

DC Thomson's David Thomson agrees, "Online classified is an area the publishing industry has a keen eye on, and we're very pleased to be able to back a team with successful experience and a new approach."


Workcircle Extends Free Trial and Launches CV Search Service

New CV search engine specializes in providing listings of cutting-edge Internet and web development candidates across the UK and internationally.

New jobsite Workcircle has launched its CV search service, giving web development experts and recruiters a new way to meet. To mark this launch, Workcircle has also extended its free trial for recruiters through until September.

Like its job search engine, Workcircle's CV search uses tags to give jobseekers a more intuitive way to classify their CVs. By using their own terms to describe themselves, jobseekers are no longer put in a box. "On old-style jobsites, maybe you'd say you were a 'developer', and miss out on recruiters who were looking for 'programmers,'" says Workcircle CEO Simon Appleton.

For recruiters, Workcircle's new CV search service means they can fill a vacancy without the long process of advertising a job and then sifting the responses. Instead, the recruiter can search by tag for candidates with specific skills and experience.

"Workcircle uses new technology to bring jobseekers and recruiters together," says Appleton. "Our unique tag-based searching is far more effective than the keyword searching used elsewhere. We’re giving recruiters the chance to try this out for free – right through the summer."


Workcircle Launches Job Search Engine for Web 2.0 Crowd

New job search engine specializes in providing listings for cutting-edge Internet and web development jobs across the UK and internationally.

Workcircle’s new tag-based online job search engine is out of beta. Developed by Simon Appleton and Tony Jewell, the original founders of PlanetRecruit, Workcircle specialises in cutting-edge Internet and web development jobs across the UK and internationally. Web developers with java, .net, perl and php skills, or web designers with dhtml, javascript or CSS expertise will find the site essential viewing.

“Your average job site is boring and not at all optimised for the high-tech audience,” says Appleton, “the web has moved on, and we wanted to build a site that uses the new technologies to make a real difference to jobseekers.”

Workcircle looks very different from other job search engine sites – a big tag cloud shows candidates at a glance which types of jobs are most popular, and makes browsing for web development jobs and other high-tech offerings very intuitive. "Traditional job boards have very strict categorisation systems: you have to make choices from long lists of job classifications," says Jewell, “But this can be very confusing for the candidate: am I in management under IT, or IT under management?”

Conversely Jewell believes many job search engine sites have gone too far the other way: “The Google-style keyword-only approach doesn’t work well for web development jobs either. Am I a developer or a programmer? Do I work in web design or New Media?”

Workcircle feels that tagging is the perfect compromise for web development job searches. Select ‘development’ and you'll immediately see that ‘programming’ is a related term. “Traditional boards are fine if you know exactly what you want to do, where and for how much,” says Jewell, “but most people aren't so fixed in their approach to job hunting. That’s where Workcircle excels.”

For more information on Workcircle's new job search engine and web development job listings contact:

Simon Appleton
CEO, Workcircle
+44 (870) 383 0203

  1. advanced | tipsPut a '+' before a keyword if you want that keyword to definitely appear in the results or a '-' for keywords you don't want to appear. For example, +sales -assistant. Alternatively, if you want results to match an exact keyword then put it in quotes, e.g. "sales manager".