Full Stack Software Development Engineer - Limassol, Cyprus


Full Stack Software Development Engineer - Limassol, Cyprus
Job Description
You will work as a full stack software development engineer implementing projects within the organization. You will have a key role in the design and implementation of software modules and converting stakeholder requirements into working systems. You should be able to understand business requirements, propose and implement a high quality software solution for existing as well as new software systems in a team-based agile environment. Your work will help our business be more efficient, provide a better customer service, and add business value to our group.
Required knowledge and skills
University degree in Computer Science, Informatics, Information Technology or other comparable qualifications
Proven experience as a Software Developer, Software Engineer or similar role
Knowledge in effective database access strategies and handling of huge amounts of data
Development of software components for core business logic using Java, the Spring framework and JPA (Hibernate)
Solid knowledge of XML, REST and SOAP technologies
Experience in handling of complex SQL statements
Refactoring skills and the ability to understand systems from the code
High level of quality awareness and knowledge about software testing strategies, especially writing unit tests
Knowledge of principles of version control/configuration management especially Git
Team player and ability to work in cross functional teams according to the principles of Agile software engineering
Openness and flexibility in dealing with new challenges
Solutions oriented, service based and customer oriented approach to all tasks
Excellent communication skills and command of English language
Resourcefulness and troubleshooting attitude
Attention to detail
Strong affinity to general rules of modern software engineering
Good interpersonal and communication skills
Additional (nice to have) requirements
Coding knowledge and experience with C# and WPF
Coding knowledge and experience with Angular 2
Knowledge and experience with continuous integration
Experience working in a multicultural environment
Ability to communicate in German is considered as a plus
Experience working with remotely-located/virtual teams
Knowledge of ticketing systems such as Atlassian Jira
Experience with knowledge documentation systems like Confluence
Interest and participation in open source development, innovation, coding events is considered as a plus

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